The high ropes course on Malga Taser

A sure pleasure, of course

To create something special without burdening nature. To provide an adrenaline rush without risk. And to give the whole family an unforgettable experience. That was our goal. That's why the high ropes course of the Malga Taser was planned and built by two IVBV - UIAGM, internationally renowned mountain guides, and in such a way that the entire course "grows" with the circumference of the trees. No tree, which is equipped with a platform or serves as an anchor point for an obstacle, was drilled or screwed. Safety details and experience from existing installations, especially in Canada, were incorporated. The materials used are all oversized. For example, the 12 mm safety steel cable can have a holding force of 10 tons, while the load-bearing cables of the suspension bridge have a breaking load of 17 tons. Even the anchoring elements of the suspension bridge are movable (they consist of round pieces with a diameter of almost 30 cm) and can therefore not be loaded unfavorably even in strong winds. A technical expert has signed off on the system and every year it undergoes a general overhaul. The ropes course may only be used when accompanied by an internationally recognized mountain guide or a specially trained high ropes course guide.

Smart Belay - The revolution in self-belaying!

EDELRID's intercommunicating roller carabiners ensure that inadvertent complete unhooking is almost impossible when used correctly. If one carabiner is open, the other carabiner detects this and, if used correctly, blocks the opening mechanism until the first carabiner is reattached to the safety rope and locked. Only then the other carabiner can be reattached. The pulleys in the carabiner also ensure that the self-locking system is carried along with little wear and tear and replace so-called double pulleys. The outstanding ergonomics of the Smart Belay allows even children's hands to operate it easily. The Smart Belay was awarded with the OutDoor Industry Award in 2008 as a revolutionary concept in the field of self-locking.

Smart Belay - The revolution in self-belaying!
The TÜV certification for family hotels in South Tyrol

As a family hotel in South Tyrol, the family alpine Hotel Taser has received from the independent certification society TÜV NORD CERT S.r.l. a certificate for its suitability to accommodate children according to the criteria of the German association towards the safeguard of children.