A petting zoo in South Tyrol

Learning about animals on the farm with mountain zoo

Dwarf goats, ponies, lamas and alpacas romp and play on the gentle slopes beneath the adventure playground and the farmhouse. Together with our dogs, guinea pigs and hares, they are all members of our petting zoo. Our pigs live in the barn above, near the open countryside, and our cattle have their home with a friendly farmer further on towards the valley. So much open space, the gentle meadows and the good air ensure that all our animals on the farm here on the sunny slopes above Meran are as happy as larks. It’s a sight that always brings joy to our hearts and is also a very special experience for children, who can learn all about animals in their natural environment. During kids’ club time children can spend time here now and again, and even help to look after the smaller animals. And to date, it has made every single child’s eyes light up with delight!

Animal friends