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    Eco Label – The European Ecologic mark

    for the chalets at the Taser Alpine Hotel for families

    We are pleased to have been recognised, as the 1st hotel in South Tyrol, with the European ecologic marking. This relates to the most prestigious European award aimed at the touristic society, friends of the environment.

    The EU ecolabel (the European Flower) is a mark of environmental certification for products and services. The best products and services from an environmental point of view are rewarded, ones that can diverse themselves from other competitors present on the market, maintaining however high service standards. The mark was introduced in 1992 by the European Commission and today is awarded under the direct responsibility of the National institutions of the participating countries.

    As a company paying attention to ecology, we assume the responsibility of protecting the environment seriously and we strive in all fields to make improvements, so that we can conserve a cared for and healthy countryside. For us it is important that our guests are also active and involved in this campaign to sustain the environment and that they become more acquainted with the concept of environmental protection. Our own aim is to work towards and improve in a continuative way the campaign to safeguard the environment.

    The following measures and fields are of fundamental importance for us:

    All our rooms are heated by wood (woodchips) and solar panels;

    We produce approx. 36% of electrical current used via our own photovoltaic plants;

    We use water from our own natural source.

    Furthermore, to be able to communicate more loudly about our services towards environmental protection, we also commit ourselves to respect the requirements of the European ecologic etiquette relating to the hotel industry.

    This ecologic recognition grants consumers and both public and private buyers (EU: above all in the European Union as well as Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) the possibility of choosing in the most simplest way ecosustainable products, whose quality has been tested based on criteria approved at state controlled level.

    Such environmental criteria, which constitutes the base for the assignation of the ecologic label, are the products of scientific studies and of large debate within the Commission for ecologic labelling. The members of this Commission  (EU: for the ecologic label these are the competent offices of  the state members) are represented by the associations  for the environment, for consumers and industry, trade unions and the representatives of both small and medium enterprises and of commerce.

    On the base of the criteria for the European ecological label for the hotel industry, the major causes of environmental pollution, which are present during three phases of the life cycle of services (purchase, supply, disposal), must be reduced as much as possible. These serve to reach the following objectives:

    • reduction of power consumption;
    • reduction of water consumption;
    • reduction of waste;
    • preference to the use of renewable Energy fonts and non polluting substances;
    • promotion of communication to the support of environmental culture.

    You too can give a positive contribution in reducing the pollution of the environment, by purchasing products with an ecological label. On your arrival we will supply you with some information on how you can support the realization of our objectives towards the conservation of the environment.

    The hotel’s photovoltaic plant.

    The generation of electricity by means of our photovoltaic plant. 

    Further information regarding the operation is available at

    Your interlocutor is the company Moriggl, Glorenza:

    Cell.: 389 6704 696

    Tel.: 0473 831 555

    The Alpine Hotel Taser for families, certified with the European ecological label.

    On 15.01.2009 the minister of the environment Niki Berlakovich, at that time in office, awarded, during the holiday trade fair in Vienna, the Austrian and European ecological label to the model tourist companies and to the valid tourist operators. 

    The Gamper family of the Alpine Hotel Taser for families of Scena, South Tyrol, felt honoured to have received this prestigious recognition. Thanks to the Ecolabel mark for the conservation of the environment and climate, the prized hotel guarantees a certain level of quality of natural life and wellbeing to their guests.


    “Tourism contributes from 4 to 9% of the emission of greenhouse gas, one of the principal causes of climatic change. We therefore have the obligation of reducing the negative impacts and to sustain the offers of friends of the environment holidays. I am happy to note that we have more and more partners in the protection of the environment, which with their projects propose models and diminish the emission of carbon dioxide” declared the minister of the environment Berlakovich during the event.


    Ecological label for the deserving tourist offices

    Apart from the Kongresshotel “Courtyard by Mariott“ (Linz/O.Ö) and the Kneipp Kurhaus of the Marienschwestern vom Karmel (Aspach/O.Ö), “Railtours Austria” and “Austria Radreisen” have also been awarded the Austrian ecological label. The European ecological label though, was awarded to  “Der Auhof” (Kaprun/Salisburgo) and to the Alpine Hotel Taser for families (Scena/Alto Adige). 

    200 companies with 19.000 beds have until now subjected themselves to the examination of rigid ecological standards by the certification system and ecological labelling and communicate to their guests with the mark of quality, created by  Friedensreich Hundertwasser, their contribution to the protection of the environment and to the safeguard of natural resources.

    Special offers

    The alpine hotel Taser for families

    • Restaurant

      Typical South Tyrolean dishes, homemade cakes and strudel, an abundance of snacks and platters of speck, but also Mediterranean specialities are all part of the menu at the restaurant of the mountain hotel Taser.

    • High ropes course

      A natural mountain forest of larch and fir trees. This is the Taser high ropes course with a breathtaking view over the mountains of Merano.

    • Cable car

      Leave your car in the low Valley Station and reach the mountain hotel comfortably and with respect for nature, by cable car.