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    Typical south Tyrolean cuisine

    and local products

    Typical South Tyrolean products, homemade cakes and strudel, an abundance of snacks and platters of speck, but also light Mediterranean specialities have their place on the menu at the Taser restaurant.

    With each morsel you will enjoy the authentic South Tyrolean cuisine, which will remain a long time memory.

    Children, to attention!

    Just for you we offer a special menu because we know that what adults eat do not always please your own palate. For six days a week you can eat together with your new friends and our children’s organisers. Even if you don’t attend the Mini Club, you can still lunch every day from 11.30am to 2.30pm at the restaurant of the alpine Hotel.

    Products from local farms and production

    The local and regional products are essential to us.

    The food products that do not require lengthy journeys and can be found close by have a better taste and a higher level of quality. In fact, only after full ripening does the taste arrive at a level of excellence. This is the fundamental reason for why we collaborate with local agricultural farmers and breeders, from whom we obtain fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fresh milk, beef and many other typical products such as speck and various processed meats. Thanks to this cooperation we are able to sustain agriculture and safeguard the local territory.

    Special offers

    The alpine hotel Taser for families

    • Restaurant

      Typical South Tyrolean dishes, homemade cakes and strudel, an abundance of snacks and platters of speck, but also Mediterranean specialities are all part of the menu at the restaurant of the mountain hotel Taser.

    • High ropes course

      A natural mountain forest of larch and fir trees. This is the Taser high ropes course with a breathtaking view over the mountains of Merano.

    • Cable car

      Leave your car in the low Valley Station and reach the mountain hotel comfortably and with respect for nature, by cable car.