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    Pure adrenalin on the high ropes course in South Tyrol

    At the The Alpine Hotel Taser

    Natural mountain woodland with larch trees and firs. In the middle you will find steel cables and suspended bridges, normal cables and single obstacles. This is Taser’s high ropes course, one of the best in the whole of South Tyrol.

    At 15 metres above the ground, you will move from tree to tree, from one obstacle to another. Dizzying but fascinating at the same time. Once you are at the top, you will experience a unique panorama. Admire the impressive mountains from high up, where your view will take in the massif of Ortles, to the Tessa mountain group to the Stubai Alps. This unique panorama makes the Taser high ropes course one of most fascinating in the area.

    The obstacles follow one another in a suspended valley; in this way they offer various heights with extraordinary variety, with the highest platform situated at more than 12 metres from the ground. A fundamental point of the Taser high ropes course in South Tyrol is the 45 metre long suspended bridge. 

    After having reached the end of the course by overcoming several obstacles, the exit is by means of an aerial railway with its so called “flying fox”, just under 60 metres long.

    A small training area with 4/5 obstacles has been built in the middle of the forest at low level. Here you can gain confidence before facing the aerial course.

    Bookings and information

    For single tour guides or groups our qualified guides are available.
    Book by telephone (0473 945615) or send your registration in written form.
    Minimum height of children: 1,30 metres.

    A unique experience for both guests and the local inhabitants

    The Taser high ropes course in South Tyrol does not only represent a well loved attraction for our guests, but also numerous passersby take this personal challenge, notwithstanding a fear of heights, to put themselves to the test and successfully enjoy a unique experience.

    Have you ever thought about giving an entrance to the Taser high ropes course as a gift?

    Safety first of all!

    Our high ropes course has been built by a technical engineer and every year is given a general revision. The revolutionary Smart Belay introduced an interactive pulley and snap-hook system. If, for example, the snap-hook should open, the pulley blocks itself until the first snap-hook has been safely closed again. An accidental unhooking is therefore, not possible.

    The idea of the high ropes course

    The idea of the high ropes course comes from, just like many other “crazy” ideas, from the United States. An obstacle course, like those used partly by the army during training, is simply raised high up.

    The challenge

    The strange characteristic of a high rope courses consists in being suspended up high and being exposed. If an expert athlete moves around on the ground on a similar structure, it is considered normal. It’s a completely different case doing it in mid air.

    Curiosity and useful information

    From a recreation program, an instructive method was born and is applied today throughout the world in training courses for managers, for further education and is also used in various rehabilitation and therapy programs. The fun and thrill is not altogether lost, in that a well designed high ropes course stimulates all its visitors. An activity program amongst nature, requiring concentration and coordination that leaves you with a feeling of success and satisfaction.

    “Either you climb another step today or gather your strength to go higher tomorrow.”
    - Friedrich Nietzsche   

    Special offers

    The Alpine Hotel Taser

    • Restaurant

      Typical South Tyrolean dishes, homemade cakes and strudel, an abundance of snacks and platters of speck, but also Mediterranean specialities are all part of the menu at the restaurant of the mountain hotel Taser.

    • High ropes course

      A natural mountain forest of larch and fir trees. This is the Taser high ropes course with a breathtaking view over the mountains of Merano.

    • Cable car

      Leave your car in the low Valley Station and reach the mountain hotel comfortably and with respect for nature, by cable car.